Amelia Acroyoga



Welcome to my page!

I am a Certified Acroyoga International Instructor.


This is my Acroyoga story,

I first saw Acroyoga at Burningman in 2011. I was at Centercamp and it felt like my jaw hit the floor. I just stood there frozen, watching these people do this amazing thing!

I was so sure that I wouldn’t ever be able to do it but I couldn’t stop watching.

This wonderful woman from San Diego saw me and asked if I wanted to try. I protested that there was no way I could do it, I out-weighed her by at least 40 lbs, I had very limited flexibility, little strength, and no training in anything like it.

She assured me it was not a problem and proceeded to balance me on her feet and hands. We went through some introductory poses, then some therapeutic moves that felt amazing.

After, she called over a friend and encouraged me to try some poses with him. I was flying!! I couldn’t get enough!

The photo of me in bow with blue hair and googles is from my first day of doing Acroyoga at Centercamp.


I then had knee surgery that fall.

In winter 2013, I started really practicing Acroyoga. I couldn’t touch my toes and I was so imbalanced from my knee surgery I could barely lift people without pushing them off the one side. 🙂

Since then, I have practiced multiple times a week, attended many workshops and intensives, and I co-founded the Carleton University Acroyoga club where I facilitated weekly introductory sessions.

In January 2017, I became a certified Acroyoga International Instructor.  I then taught weekly classes and large group workshops in Thailand.

This summer I have been teaching large group workshops at festivals near Ottawa.


I love sharing this practice with new people and hope to inspire others with the joy I feel.