Amelia Acroyoga

Do I need to bring a partner?
Absolutely not!
While many people choose to bring a friend or partner to class, we often work in groups of 3 or more and mix up groups for optimal success. Each pairing will feel different and I encourage people to try each posture with many different people. You are always welcome to train with specific person if that is what you are most comfortable with.

What should I wear?
Stretchy fitted clothes trend to work the best. Yoga pants, leggings, or gym shorts without pockets are ideal.
If you are wearing loose gym shorts check to be sure you are covered if you lay on your back and put your legs in the air, boxer briefs or equivalent are recommended under loose shorts. Sports bras and higher necked shirts may be needed.
Check your leggings under stretch for transparency and make appropriate choices.

I don’t do yoga can I still come?
While some flexibility and strength are beneficial most of the fundamentals are possible and you will gain strength and flexibility as you come to class.
When I started doing Acroyoga 6 years ago I couldn’t touch my toes. I had no yoga background and was fairly out of shape.
Acroyoga inspired me to get stronger and more flexible so I could do more and has continued to help me get stronger while having fun.

Can I bring my kids?
Playing Acroyoga with kids is awesome! There are many moves that are appropriate for kids and they love it!
Always check with the instructor, many classes are targeted at adults and the content and structure may not be appropriate for kids.