Amelia Acroyoga

About Acroyoga Practice


Acroyoga is a partnered practice where trust, connection, and play combine to create beautiful shapes and connected flows. Flows are a sequence of partner balances where one person is supported by another through a number of postures.

An example of a common posture would be “Airplane” on feet that you may have tried as a kid, or done with kids. With a little coaching and a little technique you can do this with others, not just kids.

Acroyoga is for everyone!
Learning about power lines and bone stacking will allow you to partner with almost anyone, big or small. Like wearing a heavy backpack with a waist strap, properly distributing weight allows you to lift and hold a person off the ground.


There are three main roles in Acroyoga

The Base: the person that is on the mat.

The Flyer: the person supported on the bases feet and hands.

The Spotter: the person who is there to assist and keep the others safe.


The goal of the classes I teach is to have fun connecting with others while getting exercise. Learning how to perform the skills safely is the first step to feeling comfortable and able to have fun.

You can do more than you think though I always ask that if you feel uncomfortable about a move don’t do it. Ask questions and speak up. There is usually a modification or variation that will feel more accessible.

I want everyone to feel safe and confident!